Strand 1: Enactment of the Scottish Constitution & Delivery of the Social Compact

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    Strand 1: Enactment of the Scottish Constitution & Delivery of the Social Compact

    Enactment of the Scottish Constitution

    The Final Provisional Constitution, as provided by the People herein, shall be enacted by the Scottish Parliament on the first sitting day after this Constituent Process has been triggered.

    The rights of all human beings living within Scotland shall be unambiguously and irrevocably protected, including the right of all legally in Scotland to remain. Legal action by the UK Home Office or any other UK institution, contractor or subcontractor against any human being in Scotland shall be prohibited and prosecutable.

    Within the totality of Scottish land and territorial waters (based on the territorial waters boundary between England and Scotland in vigor in 1983), the sovereignty of the UK Crown in Parliament shall be null and void, definitively replaced by the sovereignty of the Scottish people.

    The electricity generation and storage, electrical transmission grid, roads, the railways, ports, airports and related infrastructure, the Post Office, the natural gas infrastructure and other natural monopolies shall be brought under Scottish public ownership.

    All revenue generated by the publicly owned infrastructure shall be used to reduce costs for citizens, and/or invested in the public sphere.

    All renewable energy arrays or farms, be franchised to existing owners/ private Scottish energy companies, which are headquartered and registered in Scotland.

    Any and all aristocratic titles and unearned privileges shall be null, void and without effect in Scotland, as they are fundamentally incompatible with an egalitarian society. Further, aristocratic privilege shall no longer confer legal immunity for any crimes committed within Scotland, with no statute of limitations. Clan chiefs and other traditional Scottish clan titles and honorific shall not be affected by the removal of aristocratic or hereditary titles.

    The Register of Sasines (Register of Scottish land seized by the UK aristocracy) is declared null, void, irrelevant, and shall no longer be a valid for of land registration.

    Within this 18 month period, the Scottish Land Registry shall be updated using the most precise mapping technology available to register and grant title to ALL land, buildings, and infrastructure within Scottish land and sea territory.

    After this 18 month period, any land, buildings, and/or infrastructure, including that on the Register of Sasines, for which legitimate title cannot be established under the Corpus of Scottish law shall become the public property of the Scottish people, including all royal, noble, and/or aristocratic holdings. Any and all revenue from the sale of public lands shall be invested in the Scottish Sovereign Wealth Fund.

    The sale of such public lands, shall be made only to individuals or companies domiciled or incorporated and registered in Scotland.

    No new UK law, regulation, decree, or court decision shall be applicable to Scotland.

    The BBC shall no longer be unjustifiably subsidized by anyone living in Scotland, and the former BBC licence fee shall be reduced to £100 per year and redirected to the establishment of a Scottish Citizens Media Fund to be run for and by the people of Scotland. Any effort by the BBC or any other entity to collect the licence fees and/or arrears on Scottish citizens shall be prohibited and prosecutable.

    All lawsuits, trials, and legal action employing UK law which is contrary to this constitution shall be ceased, including but not limited to defamation, libel, and ‘super injunctions’.

    Public Contracts Scotland (UK privatized shell company/website which awards public contracts in Scotland – https://www.publiccontractsscotland.gov.uk/) shall be obliged to disclose the totality of the information and content of all public-sector contracts, as complete responsibility for awarding public sector contracts shall be transferred to the relevant Scottish government institution under EU procurement law and Scottish employment law.

    Delivery of the Social Compact

    All “Immediate-Term” Items outlined by the Commissions in Strand 4 shall be acted upon and delivered within the Constituent Process.



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