Presentations & Speeches by Dr McNaught (Historical: 2014 Referendum)

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Newsnet Scotland Independence Discussion (1:57:30) 2 Dec 2013

Mark McNaught is joined by George Kerevan and Mark Coburn

Newsnet Scotland: Interview with Dr Mark McNaught (14:21) 21 Jan  2014

Independence Live: Dr Mark McNaught Interview from Paris (10:52) 23 June 2014

Independence live interviews Dr Mark McNaught ahead of the meeting about Constitutions for Europe and New European States on Saturday, 28 June 2014

Independence Live: 2014 Constitutional Arrangement of Scotland (35:48)

7 Aug 2014: In the second in a conference series on Constitutions for Europe and New European States, Dr. Mark McNaught analyses the current constitutional arrangement of Scotland within the Westminster system, and explores how Scotland could forge a written constitution and become a beacon of good governance and respect for human rights.