Dr McNaught: Presentations & Speeches post 2014 Referendum

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Presentations & Speeches by Dr McNaught (Post 2014 Referendum)

Brexit & Scotland’s Future (11:11)

Independence Live: Dr McNaught on Indy, Brexit & Catalonia (1:04:20)

Why Scotland Needs a Written Constitution (June 2018)

Mark McNaught, on his recent visit to Scotland, gave a talk to Paisley Women for Independence. He sets out the clear case for an Independent Scotland to embrace a written constitution and contrasts the UK unwritten constitution where sovereignty is retained at Westminster with divided sovereignty in the US. He explores the issues Brexit poses for Scotland that duly came to a head in the last couple of days and which have  made news around the world and resulted in over 5,000 people joining the SNP.

SNP Friends of Catalonia (2:20) Sep 2016