Launch of the Clyde-Built Constitution for the Scottish State

Saturday 1 December 2018 15:00 – 17:00 GMT Pearce Institute 840-860 Govan Road Glasgow G51 3UU https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/launch-of-the-clyde-built-constitution-for-the-scottish-state-tickets-52523729890 John Drummond is a long-term advocate of a written Scottish Constitution. He is founder of the Scottish Independence Convention and founder of the Constitutional Commission. Since 2012, Dr. Mark McNaught, Lecturer in Law and Political Science at the […]

A Constitutional Blank Slate for Scotland? Carpe Diem!

As a teacher of United States constitutional law, I am often confronted with the profound shortcomings of the 1789 document in the modern era. When ratified, it was an ingenious and innovative distillation of pre-existing constitutional principles, which provided a means of coordination among the states to solve large-scale problems such as trade and collective […]

Prototype Scottish Constitution Project

With the international participation of scholars and specialists, we at Newsnet Scotland are undertaking an ambitions project to develop a written constitution underpinning a Scottish Republic worthy of its people. Scotland’s Future calls for a constitutional convention after independence in 2016 to draft a written constitution. In the meantime, this does not prevent citizens and […]

The Presiding Officer as Effective Arbiter in Parliamentary Debate

Observing First Minister’s questions from November 22, one is struck with the bitter acrimony, hectoring, and hypocrisy exhibited by the opposition leaders towards Alex Salmond. More than half the time was consumed hurling incessant criticism of his mistaken statistic on education funding followed with his responses, rhetorically seeking to elevate it to Watergate-level proportions. Rather […]

The Integrity of Parliamentary Debate under a Written Scottish Constitution

The recent controversy over a misstatement by Alex Salmond regarding education funding, the ferocious reaction accusing him of mendacity, his subsequent apology, and his critics’ failure to own up to their own misstatements (or worse) point out fundamental problems in parliamentary debate. Lies, falsehoods, and smears too often pass without accountability. The accuracy of parliamentary […]

An Independent Scotland in the European Union

The shrill and petty accusations of being a ‘bare faced liar’ directed at Alex Salmond over his disclosure in an aggressive interview that he had sought legal advice over EU membership obscures the much larger question of Scotland’s continued membership in the EU in the event of independence. Bolstered by Spanish foreign minister’s José Manuel […]

Will an Independent Scotland Remain in the EU?

The brutal back and forth between the unionists and the Scottish government over continued EU adhesion obscures one basic fact: there is no clear answer to Scottish accession to be found in the treaties. Another solution must be devised. This has led to uninformed speculation about what would happen in the event of independence, and […]

UK EU withdrawal nightmare scenario

First published on Newsnet.scot on 20 November 2013 as part of a series of articles on constitutional issues published between July 2012 and Sept 2014. Brexit proponents have not even begun think through the ramifications of a UK withdrawal. If Westminster really wants to go through with an in/out referendum on EU adhesion, they must […]

Contingency Planning for Currency and the EU

Over the past week, Scots have vividly seen the institutional boulders the EU and the UK have dropped on Scotland’s road to independence. Manuel Barosso and George Osborne clearly do not believe in facilitating self-determination through cooperation, and are using threats of expulsion to cower Scots into voting for continued Westminster subservience. While becoming a […]

Scotland: the Day after in Europe

The issue of Scotland continuing as a member of the EU membership has largely lost its saliency in the Scottish independence campaign. ‘Better Together’ cannot threaten Scots with expulsion if the UK is preparing to leave anyway. This presentation by Dr. Nicolas Levrat, head of the Institute of Global Studies at the University of Geneva, […]

The Sectarian Foundation of the United Kingdom

A cursory review of documents which have forged UK constitutional history amply demonstrates that sectarianism is a primary source of state legitimacy. We also observe laws passed by Parliament that have sought to codify religious dogma, to be promulgated through the established church. The Westminster Confession of Faith of 1646 was an act of Parliament […]

The Case for a Scottish Secular Republic

The Scottish government will set out an interim written constitution at the end of the current parliamentary session at the end of June, with plans for a constitutional convention to be held after full independence in March 2016 to finalize the constitution for generations to come. For those of us who have been advocating a […]

Breaking the Neoliberal Financial Moulds in an Independent Scotland

Structural debt and deficit, reserve currency bonds, IMF tutelage, World Bank structural adjustment, forced austerity, and other blunt financial instruments which have forged the international financial system since the Bretton Woods agreement of 1947 have shown their age and inflexibility. Scotland, as part of the UK, is hitched to this institutionalized financial fate, with precious […]

Extinguishing Corporate Corruption in an Independent Scotland

The UK political system has recently revealed a number of its unappealing attributes. These bear heavily on Scotland’s independence referendum; by implication, they illustrate what kind of country an independent Scotland could become. Political fraud must be recognized and constitutionally proscribed, so that an independent Scotland does not fall prey to intractable, endemic corporate corruption. […]

Scotland will Show the World how Democracy is Done

As George Osborne’s cuts begin to gash deeper in to the already unravelling social fabric, Scots are reminded once again what a dismal and malicious political system Westminster has become. Once they fully fathom the rottenness of Westminster, its utter incapacity to reform in a positive direction, and the amazing opportunities for democratic good governance […]

The Meaning of Scottish Independence

The Scottish government is due to release the White Paper in November, which will set out a vision of what independence will mean. In the meantime, it is interesting to consider what international posture an independent Scotland could adopt, what effect independence could have on British identity, and how a fairer more democratic Scotland can […]