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How to get started with the wiki

All work is done on our wiki pages. Anyone can read the items without creating an account, but Scots who want to comment or propose formal amendments will need to create a free wiki account. These screenshots walk through the process of creating an account, viewing the Constitutional Articles, and proposing amendments.


1. On the main menu, click on “The Constitution & CSL”

Click "The Constitution & CSL" on the main menu

If you’re on a mobile device, tap the “hamburger” icon for the menu, and tap on “The Constitution & CSL” from the dropdown menu.

The hamburger menu on a mobile device"The Constitution & CSL" menu item on a mobile device









2. Create a wiki account

This is the front page of the wiki. It contains several sections, and clicking on “Main Page” in the wiki sidebar will always bring you back to this page. (There is a link for the main site at the bottom of the main wiki page.)

We’ll focus on the Constitution of the Scottish State in this how-to.

If you want to comment or propose amendments to any section, you will need to create an account first. Click “Create Account” as shown in the image. Follow the steps, then log in with your new account.

*Note: Creating an account on the wiki is not the same as creating an account on the main website, as the wiki uses different software. If you would like to create an account on the main Clyde-Built Scottish Constitution site so you can comment on posts & pages, please register here.

Now you’re logged in.

3. Click on the “Constitution of the Scottish State” section.

4. Read through the Constitution. Every wiki page has a “comments” section at the bottom of the page, but if you want to comment on a particular Article or propose an amendment to it, please use the “Scrutinise this Article in more detail here -> ” link.

Click the name of the Article to enter the scrutiny screen.

5. After reading through the scrutiny page, you can indicate your level of comfort with the Article and/or make a general comment.

If you’re happy with the Article as written, please select “Yes, I’m happy with it.”  If you want to make a comment on the article, you can select “No, I’ve made comment below” and leave your comment(s) at the bottom of the page. You can do this as well as formally propose an amendment; for example, if you want to made a general comment about the article itself, you can do that at the bottom of the page.

If you want to change the text or propose an amendment, click Formally “Propose an Amendment to Article”  as show below.

6. The edit screen

There is a comments section at the bottom of the “Formally Propose Amendment” page, but suggestions and comments made on this page are not formal proposals. You need to click the “Edit” button at the top of the page to make your proposed amendment(s).

7. Editing the Article text.

The Article text is shown at the top of the editing screen, which is operated much like any word processing program. This is where you insert your amendments (or delete what you think doesn’t belong, if that is the case.)

Please add the justification for your amendment; tell us why you think these changes, additions, and/or deletions should be made.

Any changes here are held in a queue, so don’t worry that you are making immediate changes. Substantive amendments will be put to a vote for adoption among registered users.

8. When you’re finished with your proposed amendment, click “Save Changes.”

9. Saving your changes takes you back to the “Propose Amendment” page. From there, click “Main Page in the sidebar to get back to the main Wiki page.

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