**Please Read Before Posting** – The Scottish Social Compact

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    The Scottish Social Compact is in the Preamble of the draft Constitution of the Scottish State. With Love Scotland (WLS) has a vision for beginning to deliver it early, before the Constitution is enacted, through a new Grassroots Charity for Charities.

    WLS will employ a Digital Eco System to provide sustainable funding for existing Organisations to begin implementing the Scottish Social Compact. For example, WLS can:

    • Provide funding for Food banks across Scotland
    • Help convert Food banks into Food pantries* across Scotland
    • Provide funding for other Charities across Scotland to deliver any (fully-costed) Projects they may have sitting

    Overall, the aim is to begin physically building the Scottish State from the grassroots up, in line with the Constitution
    We welcome your suggestions on additional ways we can start early delivery of the Scottish Social Compact.

    “The Scottish Government shall, to the fullest extent compatible with Scottish and EU law and constitutionally prescribed competences, have the principal objective of improving the lives and promoting the social mobility of all living in Scotland through the equitable provision of basic positive rights to assure individual liberty and nurture fulfilling lives. The Scottish State shall invest in public services to help provide a secure, stable and inclusive society for all which shall encourage people’s talent, enterprise, and ambition. These shall include but not be limited to the provision of healthy food, education, housing, employment, social welfare benefits, and health care adequate to lead a dignified life.

    In exchange, the citizens of Scotland shall commit to benefitting from these rights by engaging in productive, harmonious, and constructive civic life at all levels of government and communities, and allocating their innate talents to the further improvement of Scotland and its citizenry.”

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