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    User: Lobjoismanon

    it’s very interesting to talk about foods in the constitution. The labeling of genetically modified foods is a real challenge. Genetically modified foods such as corn are used in other products such as cereals, yogurts, frozen dishes and soups. All these foods should therefore be labeled as containing genetically modified ingredients. Big companies are therefore limited and people are probably buying more organic foods. This section « E » has an economic and social perspective.

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    User: Jennifer Rhind

    I agree, and the food that we eat must be included in the constitution – it has a massive economic and social and indeed health impact. Concern over GM is very real, and it should not be adopted until it has been unequivocally deemed ‘safe’. There is no going back on a decision to allow it.

    Many chemicals used in agriculture (including glyphosate but many others) and in animal husbandry (including pesticides that not only get into the animals or birds or fish and enter the food chain and pollute the environment) are legal but nonetheless damaging. I would like to see some encouragement for sustainable practices, and certainly for organic foods.

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