Animal cause and the principal of non-regression

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    User: Lobjoismanon

    we can reflect on the animal cause and their legal status: we can think include them in the Constitution: We must reconcile animal rights with human rights. And the laws as a whole should respect them. The idea is to change attitudes about animal welfare and hope they are recognized as legal persons. The acts of mistreatment and cruelty would be consolidated. The planet does not belong to us. Human rights would no longer be superior to animal rights. Then, Scotland is the first country in England to ban wild animals at the circus.
Gandhi said “we recognize the degree of civilization of a people in the way they treat their animals”

    to constitutionalize the principle of non-regression: International texts evoke the spirit of this principle, such as the United Nations Convention on Climate Change. If tomorrow a law retreats on climate combat, the Constitutional Council could say that it is contrary to non-regression. It prevents reducing the level of environmental protection.

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    User: Jennifer Rhind

    Absolutely agree with this. Somewhere the Constitution must address that animals – and here I would include birds and fish too – are sentient beings that must at all times be treated with compassion.

    A total ban on ‘blood sports’ – fox hunting, driven grouse shooting, game shooting, trophy hunting would be desirable. Snares should be illegal. If there is a real need for a cull, or management of wild animal/bird populations, this should be done in a humane manner and certainly not involving dogs. The sea beds in our coastal areas are being damaged by illegal fishing, and the coasts are insufficiently patrolled and protected.

    Compassion in farming is another issue that needs to be included. Here I would extend this to salmon fishing, where the suffering, pollution and waste is becoming unsustainable.

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