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    User: Apreon

    Flower of Scotland

    I’ve never known there to be any other choice 🙂

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    User: Dhowdle

    Please, please not Flower of Scotland. Firstly the tune is a dirge. We’d surely want something a bit more upbeat? Secondly the words are, in my view inappropriate. Having gained independence we surely won’t want to be singing about whacking the English?

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    User: MmH

    I understand why you’ve included something about happiness. Just not sure that’s the best phrase…. Maybe “Search for human happiness”..or “Quest for happiness”?
    Freedom Come All Ye would be a great anthem.

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    User: Camille Mesnage

    Why not put forward one of the popular and unofficial hymns, it is notably the “flower of Scotland”?
    This is the hymn that comes first in the Scottish polls. Why not put forward, the first hymn in the polls among the Scots? (In addition, historically, it was sung in 1990 for the first time at an official rugby match. Until then, the hymn played for Scotland was the God save the Queen. At the request of the Scottish XV, “Flower of Scotland” was played as the anthem for the last game of the 5 nations tournament, in a match against the English. This match was played at Murrayfield, the winner was the Grand Slam; Scotland won the match.)

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    User: Steve Scott

    I hadn’t previously heard the song or fully understood it’s message. My first instinct was for ‘Flower of Scotland’, but having listened to and read the lyrics for ‘Freedom Come All Ye’, I fully understand the reason for suggesting it.

    Lyrics: https://www.scotslanguage.com/articles/node/id/442
    Audio: http://media.scotslanguage.com/library/audio/FreedomComeAllYeReid_tcm4-557246.mp3

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