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Please help finance Dr. McNaught’s 7-week stay in Scotland this summer to further refine the digitally-based Constitutional and Legal development platform for the Scottish State

Dr. Mark McNaught

Since 2012, I have been working on and writing about this constitutional and legal development platform, traveling back and forth from France to Scotland at my own expense. We have been online since December, and we have come remarkably far in the website development with little financial resources, only with excellent volunteer work.

If enacted by the Scottish Government, this would be the world’s first constitutional development platform anchored purely in the digital age, based on distributed ledger technology (DLT), better known as blockchain. The possibilities are limitless to enhance digital governance and direct democracy, and would serve as a model for other countries to adopt to improve democracy on a global scale.

Over the last years, I have built up contacts with numerous Scottish MP’s MSP’s, Ministers, and Civil Servants, and have kept them up to date on my progress. Between early July and late August, I plan to come to Scotland to begin to tie the project together with the important contacts I have, as well as designing the DLT technology into the governing systems for the new Scottish state. My objective: to develop a key-ready constitutional and legal development platform so that when there is a confirmatory vote, the 18-month period after can be used to further refine the Constitution, develop the Spheres of the Corpus of Scottish Law, and design the institutions to make Scotland the first fully digitally based government on Earth.

So please give generously to finance this trip so that the future of Scottish digital democracy is bright. Cryptocurrency also accepted.

Methods of Financial Contribution

UK Bank Account

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Account #: 20357613








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