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Scotland is in an enviable position to develop the Clyde-Built Constitution; perhaps better placed than any other country in history. Scotland is not emerging from a colonial war as the US was when it wrote its constitution in 1787, or in the wake of a fascist dictatorship as Spain was in 1978. Scotland is a peaceful nation, with a kind, enlightened citizenry, able to develop a humanitarian and adaptable constitution.

The method of constitutional development we are employing is unprecedented, because we seek to develop it based on science, empiricism, and reason, rather than on politics. We can draw on experience and research from throughout the world to develop the most modern, innovative constitution in existence.

However, this cannot be done without resources, and that is why we are asking for your generous support. Dr McNaught has been working on this project since 2012, and has never received any financial support from any entity. He has paid for the trips and conferences using his own money from his salary as a Professor in France.

In addition to developing this Constitution and the Corpus of Scottish law, we also seek to begin fulfilling the Scottish Social Compact, which reads:

“The Scottish Government shall, to the fullest extent compatible with Scottish and EU law and constitutionally prescribed competences, have the principal objective of improving the lives and promoting the social mobility of all living in Scotland through the equitable provision of basic positive rights to assure individual liberty and nurture fulfilling lives. The Scottish State shall invest in public services to help provide a secure, stable and inclusive society for all which shall encourage people’s talent, enterprise, and ambition. These shall include but not be limited to the provision of healthy food, education, housing, employment, social welfare benefits, and health care adequate to lead a dignified life.

In exchange, the citizens of Scotland shall commit to benefitting from these rights by engaging in productive, harmonious, and constructive civic life at all levels of government and communities, and allocating their innate talents to the further improvement of Scotland and its citizenry.”

Therefore, working with the Scottish Government and other entities, we seek to develop the infrastructure to validly assure provision of these positive rights. While we don’t now have all the answers and solutions as to how to accomplish this, we have the good will and the technology to accomplish this. We just need the resources.

Your financial contributions shall be spent in the following manner.

1. 50% of the contributions shall be attributed to expenses related to the scrutiny, adoption, and educational campaign of the Constitution of the Scottish State.

Dr. McNaught is planning a ‘Scottish Constitution Road Show’ which will consist of three one-week periods, each comprising three seminars in different parts of Scotland.

February 22 – March 1, 2019

Saturday, February 23 – 7pm–9pm – Paisley – Seminar: Why a written constitution? – Fundamentals of the Clyde-Built Constitution.

Monday, February 25 – 7pm–9pm – Dumfries – Seminar: Fundamental rights and liberties under the Clyde-Built Constitution.

Wednesday, February 27 – 7pm–9pm – Dundee – Seminar: Citizen empowerment and local democracy under the Clyde-Built Constitution.

April 22-29, 2019

Tuesday, April 23 – 7pm–9pm – Glasgow – Seminar: The Corpus of Scottish Law and Institutions under the Clyde-Built Constitution.

Thursday, April 25 – 7pm–9pm – Stirling – Seminar: A true representative democracy under the Clyde-Built Constitution.

Saturday, April 27 – 7pm–9pm – SNP Conference, Edinburgh – Seminar: State of progress on the Clyde-Built Constitution.

May 17-24, 2019

Saturday, May 18 – 7pm–9pm – Aberdeen – Seminar: Empirically-based governing and social policy under the Clyde-Built Constitution.

Monday, May 20 – 7pm–9pm – Inverness – Seminar: Economic and financial regulation under the Clyde-Built Constitution.

Wednesday, May 22 – 7pm–9pm – Skye and Lochalsh – Seminar: Environmental regulation under the Clyde-Built Constitution.

Contributions will help to cover the following:

  • Dr. McNaught’s travel expenses and accommodation costs
  • Venue Hire & Equipment
  • Leaflet Design, Printing & Distribution
  • Other expenses that will be specified as they arise.

Dr. McNaught is also planning to come to Scotland from June 29th – August 16th to further develop the constitution and meet with interested parties, and will need funds for travel and accommodation.

2. The other 50% shall be allocated to begin early delivery of the Scottish Social Compact through a new Grassroots Charity for Charities, ahead of enacting the Constitution.

With Love Scotland (WLS) shall employ a Digital Eco System to provide sustainable funding for existing Organisations to begin implementing the Scottish Social Compact. For example, WLS can:

  • Provide funding for Food banks across Scotland
  • Help convert Food banks into Food pantries* across Scotland
  • Provide funding for other Charities across Scotland to deliver any (fully-costed) Projects they may have sitting
  • Overall, the aim is to begin physically building the Scottish State from the grassroots up, in line with the Constitution

* https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/dec/21/first-community-run-food-pantry-opens-in-scotland

All contributions and expenses will be completely transparent and accountable, as we seek the Scottish State to operate.

Methods of Financial Contribution

UK Bank Account

Sort Code: 09-06-40
Account #: 20357613








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