Launch of the Clyde-Built Constitution for the Scottish State

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Saturday 1 December 2018
15:00 – 17:00 GMT

Pearce Institute
840-860 Govan Road
G51 3UU


John Drummond is a long-term advocate of a written Scottish Constitution. He is founder of the Scottish Independence Convention and founder of the Constitutional Commission.

Since 2012, Dr. Mark McNaught, Lecturer in Law and Political Science at the University of Rennes, France has been advocating a written Constitution for Scotland, and has been refining a draft Scottish version which is now online in Wiki format for public scrutiny at http://wiki.scottishconstitution.com


– 15:00-15:15 – John Drummond spells out the lessons from the recent Panelbase Survey on Constitutional Literacy.

– 15:15- 16:00 – Dr. Mark McNaught presents the Clyde-Built Constitution for all Scots, and what still needs to be done to build the Constitution and the legal structure for the Scottish State.

– 16:00 – 17:00 – Broader discussion with Question and Answer session

Please read as much as you can on the Wiki before the event.

4 thoughts on “Launch of the Clyde-Built Constitution for the Scottish State

  1. Hi Anne,

    Of course this is a constitution for all of Scotland. The event in Govan is the first to launch the project, and I chose the site because my ancestors are from there. ‘Clyde-Built’ refers to the level of quality I hope to attain, not any geographic limitation.

    You are more than welcome to participate in this constitutional adventure, that is why the site has been set up. Depending on how things go, we hope to have many other events in the future. I live in France, so these things need to be planned in advance, but I would love to come to Perthshire and present the project in the near future.

    1. Hello.
      You are missing Anne’s point. I’m a Central Belter myself, now living in Buchan. As a phrase, ‘Clyde-built’ is a recognised symbol of excellence worldwide and for locals, particularly in Glasgow, it is something to take pride in. The connection becomes less appropriate as you move first to the east and then north. Here in the deep North East any kind of reference to ‘doon sooth’ is very likely to be met with mistrust if not (and I have seen this several times) outright animosity. I imagine having set up your stall you will be reluctant to alter the title but rightly or wrongly there are many who will dismiss this venture purely down to the name. Not everyone in Scotland is aware of this situation but it really shouldn’t be underestimated.

  2. Hi – is the “Clyde-Built” a title just for the one occasion in Glasgow on the 1st December?
    If not, as a person from North East Perthshire I object to not being included in this Constitutional Adventure…
    and I have heard others make the same statement on FB already. It’s a very exclusive title… and I don’t mean POSH!
    Surely this Constitution is for ALL people living in Scotland and not just Glasgow?

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