Scotland will Show the World how Democracy is Done

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As George Osborne’s cuts begin to gash deeper in to the already unravelling social fabric, Scots are reminded once again what a dismal and malicious political system Westminster has become.

Once they fully fathom the rottenness of Westminster, its utter incapacity to reform in a positive direction, and the amazing opportunities for democratic good governance upon independence, Scots will vote overwhelmingly ‘yes’ in 2014.

An independent Scotland will have the opportunity to create constitutional mechanisms that make full popular sovereignty real, rather than an abstract Platonic ideal that is never attained.

A Scottish constitution can stipulate mandatory voting for all citizens and automatic voter registration for every citizen and legal resident over 16. At the same time, the constitution can guarantee that voting is as easy and convenient as possible. Never again will Scots be ruled by a savage neoliberal government they didn’t vote for. Scots’ sense of colonial occupation will disappear.

Candidates and parties will be obliged to make a positive case for election, instead of being able to rely on the cynical technique of making campaigns so nauseating that people simply stay away from the polls.

Labour rights can be enshrined in a written constitution. All workers will have the right to form a union and collectively bargain with their employer, without fear that employers will fire and blacklist them for trying to make their jobs more bearable and maintain a wage sufficient to provide for their families.

This is especially important to those working in warehouses, factories, call centres, and other hellish and often dangerous jobs. As Scottish citizens, all deserve a say in their wages and working conditions.

Aristocratic privilege in the Scottish state will be abolished, as it was in the US constitution of 1789. Feudal titles will be merely symbolic, rather than a ticket to a sinecure in the House of ‘Lords’. Any feudal tax exemptions on their lands and holdings will be abolished. Merit and intellect will replace parents as the qualification for political ascension.

For the rest of Elizabeth’s reign post-independence, she can remain head of State in Scotland, as long as she holds no other constitutional functions in violation of popular sovereignty. Once her reign is over, Scots can hold a referendum to decide whether to embrace Charles as their ‘King’, or upgrade to a democratically elected representative for the people of Scotland.

Or Westminster will kick Scotland out of the Monarchy upon a ‘yes’ vote, and they can go straight to an elected head of state. Either way, an independent Scotland will no longer be shackled to a rapidly decaying monarchy.

No church should be established in Scotland – this would imply favouritism towards a specific sect. An independent Scotland must be religiously inclusive, so that all citizens can construct a positive civic identity.

Individual religious freedom will be absolute, as long as the churches are in full conformity with all civil laws. Punishing rape and sexual assault by priests must never again be the preserve of the church hierarchy, in any religion.  There must be full equality before the law for all citizens.

Above all, the elected representatives of the Scottish people will be able to implement policies of existential importance to Scots. This includes the permanent removal of nuclear weapons from Scottish soil and decisions on whether to send children off to fight and die for Exxon and Raytheon, as well as deliberation on actions that truly serve Scotland’s national security.

These mechanisms will definitively upgrade the basis of sovereignty: from archaic and preposterous notions of parliamentary supremacy, aristocratic privilege, and divine right, to the Scottish people where it belongs.

Scotland truly has the potential to spark a democratic enlightenment, and not only in Scotland. UK citizens will also see how much better their system can be, how expensive yet useless the monarchy and House of Lords are, and how to construct democratically accountable public institutions that serve the people rather than hedge fund managers.

UK citizens should also support Scottish independence, because it may be the only hope of showing in their own backyard how to get Westminster out of the corrupt, feudal mire it currently finds itself stuck in.

Scots must decide whether to vote ‘no’ and be shackled to the Westminster political corpse forever, or vote ‘yes’ and become an example of democratic self-governance to the world.

Does any Scot need another reason to vote ‘yes’?

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